We Are Plastic Thought.

Plastic Thought is a small and virtual graphics studio located in Edmonton Alberta Canada creating visual effects, motion graphics, 3D images, animation, and compositing world wide.

At Plastic Thought Studios, we love a challenge, we love to create and to create simply. Whether it’s developing motion graphics for any requirement, visual effects, 3D effects, 3D models, animation or computer graphics of any kind for any medium.¬†We bring our love for what we do to every project.


Following our mantra “Stylishly Simple” we use our full range of expertise to create complex and beautiful work that is easily accessible to anyone as well as custom tailored to our clients needs. From beginning to end, quality and innovation for our clients are the driving goals.


Plastic Thought began in 1994 developing 3D stock images and animations for artists and creative professionals, and quickly expanded to create 3D tools and Plugins for software packages and for the current browsers at the time.

New Directions.

With our experiences through developing 3D Stock images and animations, Plastic Thought found a new vision diving into the television market creating show opens, graphic explainers, animated maps, and 3D animation for broadcast television.

PTS Today.

Today Plastic Thought Studios is a one-stop shop for the things we love,  specializing in Computer Graphics, Motion graphics, Animation, 3D and service, and  providing effective solutions for our clients.

At a Glance:


Joe Raffa
Managing Director

Trevor Sieben
Managing Director

Kirk Hutton
Managing Director




Edmonton Alberta Canada

Our Services Include

Visual Effects

Creating seamless visual content and placing buildings, objects, special effects, 3D, convincingly in the scene as if it were shot that way.

Motion Graphics

Creating dynamic, and visually rich motion graphics for advertising, commercials, broadcast, presentations, exhibits or trade shows.

3D Development

3D modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and cinematic animation from characters to architectural or industrial or even online.

Project Development

Onset VFX supervision, visual effects management, project management and project consultation.

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