Visual Effects.

Visual effects are becoming more and more prevalent in todays television and film industries. Gone are the days where only science fiction and fantasy took advantage of the craft. Today, everything from dramas to comedies unitize visual effects. Things such as green screen work, object removals, and environment matte paintings are being used to enhance every aspect of entertainment.

Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics.

Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics are often the forgotten elements of Television and Film production. The addition of well designed title credits along with on screen elements can enhance the production and set it apart from the competition. PTS creates a solution for every type of budget in the television production industry. Creating graphics for such broadcasters as TLC, Discovery, Bravo, The History Channel, The Life network and the National Geographic Channel, PTS has the expertise to bring your project to life.

3D Modeling, Rendering & Animation.

3D modelling has evolved over the years into an art form. that art form is not only utilized in the entertainment industry but into many fascist of our lives. Previsualization of homes and and industrial structures are more common place today. As photo realistic images and animation have become the norm,  clients and the public will except nothing less. PTS is ready to serve those needs and bring to life what ever can be imagined.

On Set Supervisions.

Often times a production finds themselves in a bind. a certain shot requires CG elements but the crew is not experienced in shooting for Visual FX. PTS offers its on set supervision to assist the shots are properly set up. This ensures the final piece is exactly what was envisioned.

Visual Effects

green screen work, removals, match moves, environment matte paintings, rotoscoping, image adjustments, set extensions, 3D objects, 3D animation, recreations.

Motion Graphics

show opens, broadcast packages, station Ids, corporate branding, display presentations, online animations, commercial animation and visual effects

3D Modeling, Animation, Visualization

modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, camera map environments, reconstructions, visualization, architectural visualizations, interior visualizations, virtual sets, set extensions, characters

Interactive / Online

interactive animations, online visual content, corporate training, industrial training, education and learning


on set supervisions, vfx supervision, project planning, funding and project scope, project management